All costumes are loaned on a free will donation basis.

Through the Decades...Roaring Twenties, 50’s to Flower Power
Hollywood & Rock Stars
Military Uniforms
Sports, Cheerleaders & Graduation
Dance Team or Color Guard Uniforms


Cowboys, Saloon Girls & Indians
Colonial Times, Prairie, Civil War & Southern Belles
Spanish Dancers, Matador, Mardi Gras & Gypsy
Oktoberfest & Other Ethnic Costumes
Samurai, Asian & South Pacific


Welcome to the Zoo (bunny, chicken, gorilla & more)
Witches, Dracula, Frankenstein, Elvira
Renaissance, Medieval, Victorian & Royal Court
Cops & Robbers, Chef & Waitress


Fantasy (Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White, Wizard of Oz & more)
Couples: Mickey & Minnie, Popeye & Olive & many more)
Annie, Mary Poppins, Holly Hobby
TV (I Love Lucy, Gilligan’s Island)
Uncle Sam & Statue of Liberty
Star Trek, Star Wars, Space
Clowns, Circus, Ring Master
Kids Costumes


Extensive collection of Era Hats
Wigs Galore
Accessories (beards, mustaches, glasses, ties, fishnet hose & more) 

Superman (of course!)
Batman, Robin, Cat Woman, Cat Girl


(Out of sight so the dream is kept alive for kids – but available to rent)
Santa & His Elves
Easter Bunny & Leprechauns


Gloves, Glasses, Fishnet Hose
Wigs or many styles and Masks
Scarves, Boa’s, Jewelry
Top Hats, Derby’s, Western, Pirate and more...

        ASK ABOUT????
Fireman (hanging on the fire truck, of course)
 A few Theatre props (old telephones, typewriters, suitcases, artificial plants)


DON’T SEE IT? – ASK!  The categories are broad.

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