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from scary to merry, we have high quality costumes for everyone !!


Colorado Costume Castle is moving – May/June, 2016 to 12425 Weld County Road 64 , Greeley, Colorado 80631. Please “CALL” or “TEXT” 970-576-8970 to make an appointment. All other phone numbers and Comcast email will be discontinued and mail from the website will have a lengthy interruption until service is restored.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but once you see the new “castle” you know it will be worth it.

If you know you are going to need a costume during May, June or July – it would be good to book it NOW before we move. Costumes get disorganized during a move. If you are curious as to the new location, click the pumpkins below, click the directions to Tigges Farm. Follow directions but look north instead of south- directly across from the farm. You can’t miss the “copper castle roof.”



Visit Tigges Farm - Click Here
Costumes For Every Event and Occasion !
The Witch
Renaissance Man
Bring The Whole Gang In

Some Kids Costumes Too!
Infants to Size 12-14

Bring The Whole Gang In... We’ll Find A Costume For Everyone !!



If you want to borrow a costume, please call ahead or text at 970-576-8970 to make sure we are home
We don’t have regular hours where you can just drop-in.


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